Conference Videos

Moving Ohio Forward was a first-of-its-kind online convening of Ohio's sustainable transportation advocates and professionals. Join us and help build a safer, greener, more just mobility future for the Buckeye State.

The conference took place January 14th, 2021 and all the sessions were recorded for future viewing. You can access the videos below.

Vision Zero in Ohio

The future of transit in the buckeye state



job Access & Land USe

Winning funding for sustainable transportation


Planning Committee

Covid-19 has changed our lives dramatically in 2020. At the same time, the rise of videoconferencing has made convening people across distances easier. A group of sustainable transportation advocates (listed below) thought it presented an opportunity to do something that's been difficult in the past: convene sustainable transportation advocates from across the state. That's how the idea for this conference began.

Angie Schmitt, 3MPH Planning + Consulting (hosting sponsor)

Ashley Shaw, Ohio City Inc., Vision Zero Cleveland

Joshua Lapp, Transit Columbus

Stu Nicholson, All Aboard Ohio (sponsor)

Mandy Metcalf, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Matt Butler, Devou Good Foundation (sponsor)

Dana Dunbar

Marvin Brown, IV

Jess Wallace, Downtown Cleveland Residents

Justin Mondok, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments